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About Gudauri

The most reliable information about the resort of Gudauri and Kazbegi, Georgia. Season dates, information for planning an unforgettable vacation.

When to go to Gudauri

Basically, on the first weekend of December, snow already falls and the resort begins the winter season. At the start of the season, there is enough snow for piste skiing and you can warm up before the first heavy snowfalls and a good freeride, but very often the winter starts quickly and you can leave the slopes already in the first week.

From the second half of January until the end of March, the best snow for freeride tours and backcountry.

From mid-April to the end of May is the best time for ski touring in the northern circuses located at high altitudes (Chauhi, Khorisar, Mepiskalo, Sherkhota) and skiing on the glacier near Mount Kazbek. The best season for multi-day backcountry with overnight stays in tents is March-April.

Resort Description

Ski resort Gudauri is the youngest and most promising ski resort in the Caucasus. It is located in the Kazbegi region of Georgia, 120 km from Tbilisi at an altitude of 2196 m.

The unique natural relief of Gudauri, deep and stable snow cover, the absence of stones on and off the slopes, avalanche safety and high mountain location – all these factors attracted foreign investors here.

In 1982, a serious development and modernization of the winter resort of Gudauri began, the Austrians built the first ski lifts and a hotel of the famous Marco Polo chain here.


The tracks are located on the slopes of Mount Kudebi, the upper station of the road is at an altitude of 3007 meters. All trails are above forest level. There are few lifts here, only 4 lines, but there are many options for descent.

The ski area is connected by three lines of 3 and 4 seat Dopelmaer lifts. The lower station of the ski lift is located at an altitude of 1990 m, and the upper one at 3007 m. In winter, there are three lines of the Doppelmayer chairlift. The first line, 1010 m long, has three seats, the second line, 2310 m long, has four oars, and the third line, 1060 m long, has three seats. The longest descent is 7 km, the height difference is about 1000 m.

But the main attraction of Gudauri is freeride – descent through virgin fields. Due to the wide opportunities for off-piste skiing available here, many ski lovers prefer ski holidays in Gudauri even to alpine resorts.

The main ski slopes in Gudauri are prepared by snowcats, however, in parallel with the prepared slopes, there are wide virgin fields that turn the local slopes into a paradise for freeriders. By right, Gudauri is considered the Mecca of freeride. Also around the resort there are a huge number of off-piste slopes for backcountry and heli-skiing.

Helicopter delivery to the peaks is very popular here, where you can get to the slopes of near and far peaks, including the luxurious snowy fields of the Cross Pass.

Ski tours in Gudauri start unusually early, the snow cover here lasts from November to May, and reaches 2 meters in thickness.



Resort Height: 2196m

Season duration: from the beginning of December to the end of April, about 150 days

Height difference: 1993м – 3276м

Length, total: 34.80km

Blue – 4.60km 13%

Red – 19.40km 56%

Black – 10.80km 31%

Longest track: 7.00km

Lifts, total – 15

Gondolas – 4

Chair lifts – 7

Tow rope – 4

Adults – 14.00€

Children – 7.00€