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Opening of two new ski lifts.

At the ski resort of Gudauri, located in Georgia, a new era of development is dawning thanks to the construction of two modern cable cars. This significant event is eagerly anticipated by both locals and tourists, promising numerous positive changes for the resort.

The two new cable cars will have a considerable impact on capacity and comfort levels for skiers and snowboarders visiting Gudauri. The slope capacity will increase by 1,800 people per hour, making the resort even more appealing to tourists.

The construction of these cable cars has been entrusted to the Austrian company “Doppelmayr,” known for its expertise in creating modern lifts. The total cost of the project is estimated at 66,433,200 Georgian lari.

The first of the cable cars will span approximately 1,249 meters, while the second will cover 1,369 meters. They will start from “New Gudauri” and end at the front slopes of Mount Kudebi. These cable cars will operate 6-seater enclosed chairlifts, ensuring a comfortable and safe ascent for skiers and snowboarders.

According to the project organizers, this significant infrastructure upgrade in Gudauri will diversify the services offered at the resort and contribute to its rapid development. It will also enhance Gudauri’s popularity as a ski resort, both domestically and internationally, highlighting Georgia’s role in the global skiing community.

It’s important to note that Georgia has become a regular venue for the Ski World Cup championships. These events take place at the Gudauri and Bakuriani ski resorts. Georgia was chosen for the first time, signaling the growing reputation of Georgian ski resorts worldwide.

Georgia’s selection can be attributed to several factors, including the moderate pace of climate change at Georgia’s ski resorts and the country’s multi-vector and neutral policies. This allows for the hosting of international events despite complexities in global politics.

The new cable cars are expected to begin operation in December 2023, opening up new opportunities for tourists and athletes, making Gudauri an even more prominent and appealing destination for skiing adventures.